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      Introducing our acrylic bottle display, the perfect addition to any bar or home bar setup. This sleek and modern display is designed to showcase your finest bottles of liquor in style. Made from high-quality acrylic, our bottle display is durable, easy to clean, and will complement any decor.


   Proudly manufactured by a professional factory in China, our bottle display is crafted to the highest standards to ensure a flawless finish. The transparent design allows the beauty of your bottles to shine through, making it an eye-catching focal point for your bar area. Whether you're a professional bar owner or a home bartender, our acrylic bottle display is a must-have for showcasing your prized spirits.


   Made with high-quality acrylic and expert craftsmanship, this display is the perfect addition to any bar or home entertainment area.


  Our profession factory in China ensures that each display is made with precision and attention to detail, guaranteeing a durable and eye-catching piece for your collection. With multiple tiers and a transparent design, this display allows for the bottles to take center stage, creating an impressive visual presentation.


   Elevate your bar or liquor store with our acrylic bottle display and impress your guests with a stunning showcase of your finest spirits.



Bottle Display for shop

Size: 200*110*350mm
lighting: Colourful
  • Wine Circle Champagne Bottle Presenter Flashing Color Change Masquerade, Birthday Wedding Party Bar Light Up Party LED Bottle Presenter Polygon

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